Step 1 - Choose option 'shadecard colour' when ordering your required garment. See below visual, highlighted in blue.


Step 2 - Enter the name of your chosen colour from the appropriate shadecard into the  'Shadecard Colour - Additional Info' box (highlighted in blue) upon checkout. See below visual.

Step 3 - If you are selecting a bespoke colourway for a two colour pattern, please remember to state which colour you wish for the background and which for the patterning detail. See below example highlighted in blue.

Please note that Terms & Conditions apply to our Shadecard Service. Acceptance of these must be given prior to checkout confirmation. Please note also that due to the inevitable effects of digital colour scanning , the colours may not be 100% identical to the shade shown. In the unlikely event we cannot obtain the yarn in your chosen colour choice, we will contact you to arrange a substitute.

You can view the full shade cards at the links below, the corresponding shade card link for each garment will also be available within its garment description:



Soft Donegal



Cashmere / Merino

Voe True Shetland



Luxury Aran