Sherpa Shetland Voe

Sherpa Shetland Voe


100% Voe Authentic Shetland 2 Ply Standardweight Sweater

Our Voe True Shetland is an undyed yarn, spun in the natural colour of the fleece.  The Shetland breed is hardy, often navigating dangerous Voe cliffs to reach the sea shore and eat seaweed in the ebb tide. The distinctive wool they produce is world renowned and was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary when conquering Everest in 1953.  Exclusive and highly prized , Voe True Shetland is pure, natural, undyed virgin wool, hand graded and sorted by Island experts to give you the finest quality and the most authentic Shetland knitwear experience available.

Our standard weight Sherpa Shetland can also be made in the original 1 Ply Everest lightweight version.

Main image shown in the colour Grey.

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