Bosie Luxury Shetland - Jade Blue Heather

Bosie Luxury Shetland - Jade Blue Heather


12% Cashmere 88% Shetland Wool Sweater

Our new Bosie Luxury Shetland’s are the same as our Harley of Scotland Shetland’s, just spun with 12% cashmere included. They look exactly like a standard shetland but have a richer, softer feel. Their seam-free homespun quality is enhanced by the unique feel of their yarn and both cashmere and shetland wool used to create a Bosie Luxury Shetland is sourced from a 200 year old local spinner, and is multi-hued and vibrant in colour. 

We offer our Bosie Luxury Shetland’s in Plain (unbrushed), Gently Brushed (brushed once) Shaggy (brushed twice), Extra Shaggy (brushed three times) and Quad Shaggy (brushed four times). You can add the different brushing finishes here.

Cool hand wash or dry clean only

Men's standard sizing

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