How long will my items take to come?

Usually two days but up to four working days if you have ordered brushing.

My chosen item is sold out? Does that mean i cant get it?

No, we cyclically replenish stock but it can take a few weeks to knit up.

Where is my checkout cart, I can't see it after I select an item.

It is the 'bag' shaped icon at the top left of the page. Click on it to view your cart. 

I've accidentally shrunk my jumper! can i send it back to be resized or exchanged?

No, all washing instructions are sewn into the the seams of each garment. Once purchased, it is the customers responsibility to wash and dry as specified. We cannot accept responsibility for how the garment is treated after purchase and we do not offer any reshaping or resizing services. We also cannot control the amount of pilling that occurs as this depends on how the garment is washed and worn and the water softness of your area. You can view our washing instructions (in addition to the seams of your garment) here.

What Ply is the garment I'm viewing - it doesn't say?

Unless otherwise specified as chunky or a higher ply, the garment will be 2 ply.

Do you tailor knit measurements?

No, we offer a large range of sizing options (always linked for each garment within its description) but we do not offer bespoke sizing for individual purchases. Customers can however choose their level of brushing.

I'm a bit puzzled about which wool to choose, can you advise?

Yes, we have a guide to our different yarn options, here.

Is your Shetland wool authentic Shetland wool?

Yes. All our Shetland wool is spun in the area local to us and is the classic Shetland type yarn our knitters have used for nearly 100 years. Our Voe 'Everest' and ‘Sherpa’ Shetland sweaters are made from Shetland sheep in the Shetland Isles and are the ones to choose if it is important to you to buy ‘Shetland-made’.

Are your products really all made in Scotland?

Yes, absolutely all our products are 100% locally made with care, here in the North-East of Scotland by a nearly century-old knitting company. The wool used to make the garments is also spun locally,only ten miles away.

What is the 'brushed' and 'shaggy' process? Why would I choose that over plain?

It is when the newly knitted Shetlands are carefully and evenly brushed using natural spinning teasels with a vintage (because they don't make them like they used to) brushing machine. Some people just prefer the fit, texture and handle of a brushed garment but the classic 'shaggy' Shetland became an iconic look favoured by historical persons of note such as President John F Kennedy, Steve McQueen and the classic American 'Ivy League' style, which rose to prominence in the 1950's and 60's. For close-up images of shaggy brushing see here. The local company who makes our Shetlands has made them since the 1920's.

Can any garment be brushed?

No, only shetland wool or supersoft lambswool.

Do you offer Angora?

We do not currently offer Angora due to ethical concerns we had with its obtainment. If we ever do offer it in the future we will endeavour to ensure we supply only sheared Angora.