Brushing Service

Brushing Service

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Due to popular demand, we now offer a brushing service for those who would like a standard garment in brushed / shaggy form.

Brushed - The classic Shaggy, brushed once and already applicable to any garment listed on our site as 'Shaggy'.

Double brushed - Slightly fuzzier, providing a mildly thicker 'handle' to the garment.

Triple Brushed - A very fuzzy look, individual stitches are more obscured and the garment has a slightly cloud-like appearance.

*Recommended for Shetland wool garments only*

Quadruple Brushed - We do not offer quadruple brushing as standard. It is only possible if a triple brushing is performed on an already shaggy garment. It results in an extremely brushed effect bordering on a felted look and inevitably provides a slightly more rigid garment.  The increased brushing also lightens the yarn colour intensity, as it has an airbrushed effect on the wool. For die-hard shaggy fans, only!

*Strictly for Shetlands, we will not quadruple brush a garment in any other wool*

If you are purchasing multiple garments please indicate which ones you would like brushed in 'additional comments' upon checkout, alongside your specified colour choice.

*Please note that we do not brush Ecology, Soft Donegal or Voe Shetland's as they do not respond well to brushing. If an order is made for this, the applicable brushing service will be refunded and the Ecology, Soft Donegal or Voe garment will be knitted and posted as normal in it's plain format.*

If a Shetland has already been purchased in brushed form;

- Purchasing a single brushing will result in a double brushed garment.

- Purchasing a double brushing will result in a triple brushed garment.

- Purchasing a triple brushing will result in a quadruple brushed garment.


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